How To Start An LLC In One Day


It only takes one lawsuit to financially devastate an up-and-coming entrepreneur. Although it might not appear like a considerable deal to start an LLC, it is 100% beneficial and can absolutely be done within one day. If you’re thinking about starting a business or going into entrepreneurship and want to be protected from the downsides, you must start your LLC today. An LLC is a structure that protects your personal and business assets from taxation, lawsuits, and theft. You also need this to legally take payments from customers! Here I will guide you through the entire process and you will have your LLC and business literally running by the end of the day. So what are some downfalls of not properly forming your LLC?


If you don’t file the proper paperwork with state and local offices, then you won’t be protected under the law. That means that if anything happens to your company, such as a fire or theft, the business will not claim insurance coverage because the operating license was never filed with the proper authorities. You NEVER want to be caught in a situation like this.

A lot of entrepreneurs assume they will be fine without an LLC yet they end up being taken advantage of by people who know the loopholes, having to file bankruptcy, ruined credit and zero assets to their name. You cannot control what will happen “to” your business in the future and you need to set yourself up for success, not failure. Think of an LLC as an iron gate no one can get through. You can’t change what others do, but you can sure set up something that will protect yourself and loved ones!

Everyone overcomplicates and over-charges this process – I am going to simply hold your hand and walk you through every step so that you are fully set up and protected by the end of today.


One of the most important benefits of having an LLC is that it allows you to utilize tax benefits. There are TONS of tax benefits that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to take advantage of if you were a sole proprietor or a partner.


In a nutshell, if someone sues your company then they will come after you instead of the business. For example, if a party were to sue your company for 1 million dollars they can easily come for every asset you personally own, as well as anyone who is attached to you. Sadly this happens everyday and ruins many lives. An LLC will actually shield you against any litigation that could potentially happen with your business, whew!

While litigation can be a problem for any business, it’s even more of an issue for businesses that don’t have enough legal protection or for companies that aren’t set up as LLC’s. That makes it much easier for parties to try and steal from you if you don’t have the proper legal protection. It also means that a lawsuit would be much more difficult to defend yourself against if you don’t have an LLC’s protection.

To avoid these potential problems from arising in your LLC, make sure to read my entire book below and follow along step-by-step. This will help you avoid any negative outcomes while still providing you with all the amazing legal advantages!


There are thousands of companies who make you pay them to set up your LLC, this is absolutely ridiculous! Just check out some prices of one such company:

It only takes one lawsuit to financially devastate an up-and-coming entrepreneur.

When you download my book I will literally hold your hand and give you step-by-step instructions with visuals so you can have your LLC set up by the end of the day… literally today! I also make you do this in a certain order so you don’t run into the catch-22 most people do when dealing with Articles of Organization and other issues that a lot of people run into.