How To Start A Cleaning Business In One Day


I am going to show you exactly how to start a cleaning business within one day. You can make some serious profit with a cleaning business and every step is created in a specific order to set you up for success. I literally hand hold you through the entire process, step-by-step. So how much money can you expect to make with a cleaning business? Let’s use an example of obtaining just a few customers….

For Example…

Let’s say that in your first month of opening your cleaning business we have had 17 initial deep cleanings.  We have turned 11 of them into recurring customers. 8 of them want a weekly cleaning and 3 of them want a once per month cleaning.  Let’s do the yearly gross projected math just based off this first month of acquired customers, based on a flat rate of $75 per recurring cleaning:

8 customers * $75 per cleaning = 600 per week

At 52 weeks (1 year) = $31,200 per year

3 of our customers are ‘per month’:

3 customers * $75 per cleaning = $225 per month

At 12 months (1 year) = $2,700 per year

Therefore, based off a small amount of 11 recurring customers you now have a $33,900 gross yearly profit.

Do you see that even on this low level you are making a decent profit? Do you see the power of obtaining as many recurring customers as possible?  So I bet you are wondering… how do I even get these first time initial customers?!

You are in luck because everything I put you through in this book will literally set you up for success.

It is not normally talked about but cleaning business owners make some serious income. For example, Ron Holt’s company made its first million doing the dirty work most homeowners hate: washing floors, dusting living rooms and scrubbing tubs.

The 43-year-old is the founder and CEO of Two Maids & A Mop, a Birmingham, Alabama-based home-cleaning service that employs 500 workers.

His cleaning business is expected to rack up $11 million in sales this year….

Say what?!

At the time, he left a job as the director of a lab that specialized in the science of small particles so that he could start a cleaning business and become his own boss. “I had career opportunities in front of me and in the industry,” Holt said. “There was a bright future, but it wasn’t bright enough.”

“It wasn’t running my own business,” he said. This is just one small example of a cleaning business owner in Birmingham, Alabama and you can have this kind of experience as well.

Holt believed the home cleaning business industry had three key features that would lead to success. First, it had the prospect of recurring revenue — a stable inflow of cash from happy customers. Second, it was a field that didn’t embrace technology, creating opportunity outside the tech-laden start-up field.

“I really wanted to be in an industry that no one else wanted to be in,” he said. “Silicon Valley isn’t really chasing us because at the end of the day you got to clean dirty toilets.”

The good news for you? This industry is steady and is recession-proof.

In my book I literally guide you in a specific order so that by the end of the day you will have a full functioning cleaning business and know how to use it.

You will also receive extra bonus downloads including:

  • New Customer Pricing Sheets
  • 75 Point Home Cleaning Checklists You Will Leave With Your Customers