How To Learn C++ (cpp) Programming In One Day


Forget all the fancy introductions, this book dives immediately into learning the C++ programming language. You will know the C++ programming language within a day, even if you have never programmed before.

This is a 100% hands on crash course with graphics so you can fully understand C++. Every lesson is simply explained and shown in a fun, yet interactive way so you have a real learning experience. A fast-paced, no-nonsense guide to programming in C++ for absolute beginners.

C++ is an object oriented programming language for developing large-scale applications. A result of combining elements of low-level languages with high-level features, it is classified as a mid-level programming language. Many people consider C++ the fastest and best language for developing high-performance software.

The average C++ Programmer salary in the United States is $91,351 as of January

C++ is a skill set that is a MUST for any person who wants to become a good programmer in the Computer Science field. Mastering C++ guarantees the required experience to master almost any other programming language. Why C++?

Which question relates best to you?

  1. you want to be a world-class developer working on really interesting stuff…
  2. …or you just want to make some money while coding routine tasks with some random code you picked up?

If your answer is “ye-yeah, I want to be a rock-star developer, ” then C++ is your choice.

Did you know? Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was created with the C++ language

GTA Vice City

At the dawn of the 21 st century, C++ was under assault. Fans of C pointed to C++ programs whose performance was inferior to supposedly equivalent code written in C. Famous corporations with big marketing budgets touted proprietary object-oriented languages, claiming C++ was too hard to use, and that their tools were the future. Universities settled on Java for teaching because it came with a free toolchain. As a result of all this buzz, big companies made big-money bets on coding websites and operating systems in Java or C# or PHP. C++ seemed to be on the wane. It was an uncomfortable time for anyone who believed C++ was a powerful, useful tool.

Then a funny thing happened. Processor cores stopped getting faster, but workloads kept growing. Those same companies began hiring C++ programmers to solve their scaling issues. The cost of rewriting code from scratch in C++ became less than the cost of the electricity going into their data centers. All of a sudden, C++ was popular again.

So, do you want to make some noise? Then learn C++!

C++ is honestly the hardest language for students and self-taught individuals to master. However, in my book I hold your hand through the entire process, in a fun way, so that you will fully understand the basics of this programming language.